Saryn Prime

Warframe lovers, it’s time for some good news. The Saryn prime is now available for you to enjoy playing. New to warframe and don’t know about this new addition? Don’t worry since we got you covered on what Saryn Prime is and its features which will make you fall in love with warframes even more.
So leading to the first question which is who is Saryn Prime? It is a new version of Saryn. It is made to fight the poison. The creator of the amazing Saryn Prime Ballas said it when he was done with creating this new sensation. It is a bioweapon like you have not seen before or played with anywhere. It is designed to fight and counter biggest threats to the Sentients, Orokin Empire.
As mentioned above, the Saryn Prime is a more classified and primed version of your previously known Saryn. With much more superior features, the Saryn Prime is here to conquer all. It is designed to have a great sprint speed with higher and superior armor. It is also made with increased energy capacity as well with Madurai Pol polarity.
These are a few of the plus you will observe when you play with Saryn Prime as compared with its regular version Saryn. December 6th, 2017, an announcement was made about the entry of Saryn Prime in the Prime vaults and was said that the relics will retire from the warframe tables from December 12th onwards. You won’t have to worry about the preexisting components since they will remain as it is.
Saryn Prime comes with three options like all other Prime warframes as you know. The simplest one is for you to buy the Saryn’s Prime Access. For those who are not familiar but the prime access of Saryn Prime Retired with the next prime warframe. The estimated duration for the Prime access is approximately three months.
Well, warframe lovers, this addition has the following features stored for you to use and enjoy your time.

  • Saryn Prime has the talent to wreak target with an epidemiologic destruction over time. With its assistance, you will be terminating the spore which will
  • spread it to nearby opponents.
    By detaching her skin like a snake, the Saryn Prime leaves a deception behind to draw fire from opponents.
  • When it is active, melee infiltrations burst spores causing them to spread to nearby opponents.
  • Saryn prime can also infect the atmosphere with a poisonous mist which spoils all opponents in range. It is known to wreak additional damage to rivals in toxin and viral effects.

The PS4 version of this game was the first one to gain access to the Saryn prime of three global builds. Surprised right? You will be more surprised to know that it’s the first Warframe broadcasted thru a cinematic lore video.
Saryn Prime together with the famous Volt Prime holds the maximum energy pool of all Warframes which is 200 at rank 0 and 300 at rank 30. WOW!!
You can have it amplified to 600 with maxed Flow, range 850 with Primed Flow and 880 with Primed Flow along with the Endurance Drift. Go check out the new addition and see the features which won’t disappoint you.